You will need some rules

Yes day is a day for parents to hand control over to the kids, for the kids to make the rules, and for the family to have fun together. Kids making the rules – what could go wrong? To ensure you don’t end up with a pet Llama or a bmx track in your front yard, there are a few ground rules.

You can sit down as a family and come up with your own rules but here’s our list of Yes Day rules you might like to use:

  • Agree on the date for your Yes Day.
  • Yes Day needs to be earned – kids need to make sure they are doing their household jobs, homework is completed and their behaviour is at its best.
  • Requests can’t affect the future, sorry kids that’s a no to the new puppy.
  • If parents say ‘no’ to any requests what will be the consequences?
  • Requests can’t be dangerous or illegal. They can’t damage people or property.
  • Set a budget. Maybe a set amount per child, or maybe a family budget for the day. This needs to cover any meals and activities outside the house.
  • Set an agreed travel distance, something like no more than 20 minutes in the car.
  • What’s good for one is good for all. Everyone in the family has to follow the same rules. No technology for the parents means no technology for everyone.
  • You can’t tell other people in public that you’re having a Yes Day. Let them stare at your crazy outfits and superhero capes, you might even make them smile.
  • Come up with your 5 Big Asks – these are the must do’s to ensure your Yes Day is a success. Will you decide these together or will the kids come up with them and reveal to the parents on the day?
  • Everyone has to work together to clean up any mess the day after Yes Day.

This final rule we think is the most important… Have the most fun you’ve had all year.

Not sure what to do for Yes Day?
We have put together a list of Yes Day Ideas to help you get started and a Yes Day Planner to help you organise your day.

Yes Day Water Fight

Download the rules

What could go wrong when the kids are in charge? Maybe download and discuss the rules just incase.