Ideas for Yes Day

So now you know what Yes Day is all about and why you should do Yes Day, it’s time to start thinking about what activities you can do on your family Yes Day. 

Psst – Kids, maybe you should read this without the parents if you want to keep your Yes Day plans and Big 5 Asks a surprise until the big day… ssshhhh. 

Yes Day doesn’t need to cost a fortune. In fact, you can choose to set a $0 budget and make it one of your rules that have the most fun day ever without spending any money. Remember when planning your Yes Day to keep within the rules of the day that your family has agreed on. We have come up with some general rules you might like to use.

Now the boring stuff of budget and rules have been agreed on, lets get onto the fun stuff! We have created a Yes Day Planner you can download to help you plan your day. Remember on Yes Day, kids make the rules and the parents can’t say ‘No’.


Here are some Yes Day ideas to help get you started on organising the best day of the year!

Dessert for breakfast – Start the day right. I’m talking about doughnuts and ice cream of course! Or maybe you’ve always wanted to have pizza for breakfast. Today you can!

Water fight! – I’m talking water bombs, hoses, sprinkler under the trampoline, last one in the pool’s a rotten egg. Get the parents wet, maybe even making them jump in the pool with their clothes on.

Dress up – Choose costumes for each other, do Mum and Dad’s hair and makeup, maybe even paint their nails. If you go out in your costumes remember not to tell anyone you are having Yes Day, it makes it more fun if it’s a secret.

Family activity – Go on a tour or activity together as a family. You can do this in your costumes if you like. Maybe you can go ten pin bowling, visit a theme park, or have a putt putt golf competition.

Go Shopping – If you have a family budget, you might make one of your activities going to the shops and choosing any toy you like. Even that slime kit your Dad kept saying no to because it would be too messy.

Get crafty – This one can also get messy. Do some painting, gardening or crafting together. Pull out the craft kit you got last Christmas that your parents keep saying ‘no’ to doing with you and do it together on Yes Day.

Get outdoors – Go get some fresh air and explore nature together. Perhaps you’d like to visit a local park or beach, go for a bushwalk, or maybe even have a go at fishing kayaking or surfing. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Hit the ninja warrior circuit – Does your local park have an exercise circuit or ninja training gym? You can challenge Mum and Dad to have a go on the monkey bars or the flying fox and see who can do the most push ups.

No jobs to do – This is the day where the kids make the rules so that means you can choose No homework, No work for the grown-ups, and No chores. Just remember that any tidying up will need to be done together as a family tomorrow, after Yes Day has finished of course.

Family games – Play your favourite family board games together.

Dance party – Dust off your dancing shoes and turn up the music for the ultimate dance party. There will be none of that uncool old fashioned music your parents listen to, because on Yes Day the kids choose the playlist. Why not make a family tik tok video or have your own talent quest or karaoke competition. 

Movie marathon – Want to watch Frozen and Frozen 2 in a row? Now you can and your parents cant say no!

Stay up late – No bedtime! Woo hoo. You might need this rule to get through the movie marathon you have planned.

Camp out – Pitch a tent in the back yard, or set up a sleepout in the loungeroom. If you have a fire place you might even be allowed to have a fire and toast marshmallows, just remember the safety rule and parents need to agree to this one. 

Dinner – What’s on the menu is up to the kids and if you want to ditch the table rules you can go ahead and much away with elbows on the table or sitting in front of the tv.

Get messy – Now is your chance to plan a food fight, colour run or cream pie throwing contest.

Free dress – Sick of being told what to wear each day? Today you can decide what you, and everyone else will wear when you leave the house. After all it’s the kids turn to make the rules.

Dare to be brave – Truth or dare time. Just remember that the parents get a turn too so be careful what you dare them to do as it might come back around.

If you have any other ideas send us a message on facebook or instagram, and don’t forget to share your pics and tag @yesday_au on Instagram or @yesdayaustralia on facebook so we can share them with the Yes Day community.

Yes Day Dress Up
Family Painting for Yes Day
Yes Day Family Fun
Girls Playing for Yes Day
Yes Day Family on Skateboard


A day for parents to hand control over to the kids, for the kids to make the rules, and for the family to have fun together. Kids making the rules – what could go wrong? To ensure you don’t end up with a pet Llama or a BMX track in your front yard, there are a few ground rules.