Why should you do Yes Day

I know what you’re thinking – So, the kids are in charge for 24 hours, and they make all the rules… Are you out of your freaking mind!?

Remember when you used to say Yes to everything? Yes Day is an opportunity to be that sporadic, free spirited person again and show your kids that you can have fun and you can say ‘YES’. And when this 24hrs is over, who knows, your kids might actually think you’re cool.

Also, while the kids get a day off their chores, so do you. That means no cooking, no cleaning, no paperwork or running errands. You get to spend the day eating the food they choose which, let’s be honest, is likely to be the food you wish you could eat more of but don’t because you’re trying to ensure your small humans grow up nutritionally balanced.

You get to enjoy 24 hours of fun, and be like a kid again yourself. Today you have an excuse to jump on the trampoline, wear that super hero cape with pride and set your inner child free. Plus, one of the rules is that everyone chips in the following day to get the house back in order.

We know you will love this Day and we know your family will be all the better for it. Here are our key reasons why it should be on your annual family calendar.


Family playing for Yes Day

Fun times – It’s about the kids having their best day of the year. That means fun! You will find their Big 5 Asks includes fun things like water fights, ice cream for breakfast and camping out in the lounge room. These are all fun activities for you to do together. You are creating memories. The kind of memories that last a lifetime and the kind of memories that they will tell their own children about. Maybe you will end up having Grandparents Yes Day with your grand children one day. This Day is not meant to be stressful or expensive or wild and crazy. There are rules to help you manage that. This Day is purely about Fun. From a foundation of fun, your family will get so many other benefits.

Yes Day Reconnect 1

Reconnect – One of the common rules is no technology. In today’s society we spend so many hours each day scrolling and tapping away on our devices. We are ‘always on’ taking calls and emails at home and it is our family connection that suffers as a result. It is about the family. It is an opportunity to reconnect. Turn off your devices (I strongly encourage you see this included as part of your rules) so that you are all completely present in your activities, and not witnessing them from behind a screen. Take a quick snap shot or video (and be sure to tag us when you upload) but focus on being in the moment. Focus on the giggles, tickles and laughter. This opportunity to reconnect can only be a positive experience for your family.


Yes Day Quality Time

Quality time – I have touched on this above. Quality Time. That means focus. No distractions. No technology. No other people. In the book the little boy asks his friend to come over for dinner, but we disagree with that one. We think Yes Day should be about the family only. You are free to make your own rules though. Yes Day is an opportunity for the family to have some quality time together. The teenagers can have day away from their boyfriend/ girlfriend, the kids can have a day off chatting with friends on fortnite and parents can have a day off their socials and work emails. On Yes Day we encourage you to be 100% present. Live in the moment and soak it all up. It’s only one day a year. You wont regret it in the long run.

Yes Day Kids Rule

Kids rule – When they are so used to being told what to do all the time, kids really appreciate the opportunity to be able to make the rules. They feel empowered. You might be surprised how reasonable their Big 5 Asks actually are. When the kids are involved in setting the rules and Big 5 asks for the day, they take ownership and actively participate. Maybe you ask them to go the park and they say no. However, when it is their decision to go to the park and have a race on the exercise circuit, notice how they not only do it willingly, but with enthusiasm.


Download our Yes Day planner and chat with your family tonight about your Yes Day.

Set your kids free, set yourself free with Yes Day.


A day for parents to hand control over to the kids, for the kids to make the rules, and for the family to have fun together. Kids making the rules – what could go wrong? To ensure you don’t end up with a pet Llama or a BMX track in your front yard, there are a few ground rules.