YES There are rules

No overseas holidays or fires in the living room. There are a few rules to follow to keep everyone safe & your house in one piece.

YES we have ideas

Ice cream for breakfast, nerf wars and chocolate pizza for dinner. We’ve got some ideas to get you started.

YES you should do this

Ignore the to-do list for a day and enjoy some quality time together. Show the kids you can have fun and say Yes.

What is Yes Day?

Sick of the kids telling you that you’re boring and no-fun? Feel like they don’t believe you when you tell them about all the adventures you used to get up to when you were younger?

This parenting gig is hard work. In all the chaos of family life some days it’s hard enough just keeping up with the chores, schedule, homework, meals and going to work. As parents we often find ourselves saying ‘No’ a lot more often than we say ‘Yes’. Yes Day changes all that. It is the one day each year where parents remove the word ‘no’ from their vocabulary and say ‘yes’ to whatever the kids want to do.
It’s an opportunity to spend some quality time together as a family and smile and laugh together. You never know – the kids might see that you’re actually pretty cool and fun after all.

Based on the famous children’s book.



A day for parents to hand control over to the kids, for the kids to make the rules, and for the family to have fun together. Kids making the rules – what could go wrong? To ensure you don’t end up with a pet Llama or a BMX track in your front yard, there are a few ground rules.

The kids make the rules

Wear super hero costumes to the park, paint each other’s finger nails, make milo sandwiches for lunch. As long as they are keeping within the rules, whatever the kids say goes on Yes Day. Get ready for a day of sparkles, bubbles, water, sugar and crazy dancing as the kids make the rules for the next 24 hours!



yes day family-jumping-into-pool

“This is the best day ever!”

Is what your kids will be saying when your family celebrates Yes Day.
Kids love the opportunity to make the rules and the fact that parents have to say ‘yes’. Parents love Yes Day too. For one day you don’t have to worry about keeping up with chores or maintaining a balanced diet. Yes Day is an opportunity for the whole family to relax, let their hair down and say ‘Yes’ to fun!


What Other Families are Saying

Yes Day is the greatest thing we have ever done as parents. The kids had so much fun thinking they were the boss. To be honest we loved it too. We will be doing this every year from now on, THANK YOU Yes Day – Megan

I was embarrassed to do this at the start then it became the best day ever. Our family will do this every year from now on… WE LOVE IT. – Tim

We had to jump in the pool, we had chocolate & lollies for breakfast and my husband had to ride a roller coaster (he hates heights). It was so much fun, and it bought our family closer together. We now love Yes Day. – Jodie